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The Creative Academy

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The Google dictionary defines an academy as “a society or institution of distinguished scholars and artists or scientists that aims to promote and maintain standards in its particular field”. 10.02.15 I have been debating whether this new design school is actually a school for a particular age group of whether it is in fact an education facility that is specific to certain needs. Having discussed this with my tutor and classmates I came to the decision that it will not been a school but an academy. An academy that is specific to artist, designers and creators to develop their confidence and motivation to help them be the best they can be. I came across a debate on the BBC news website. It stated that academy’s have more freedom than an ordinary school. Their curriculum is not standard as long as it is “broad and balanced”

Mobile furniture

For my project I have been looking into a space that can be versatile. An area that can be used as a whole as well as being broken down into areas of reflection and research.

A flexible space gives a supple shape that is comfortable, engaging, motivating, pleasant. An all round enjoyable environment where you will WANT to be. A place where you will WANT to learn and a venue where you will WANT to come back to.

A mobile workstation

mobile workstation

Where you can work on your designs and reflect on your findings. All can be packed away to create an open space

Resource Library


Where you can locate past literature and drawings. All can slide together to create more space. The units can act as partitions to create a space within a space